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This shortcut will trigger an alarm when the iPhone is fully charged

Beyond all the battery myths, if there is one that is really true, its that keeping iPhone battery at 100% can damage cells of this. Maintaining a 100% charge puts stress on the battery that can eventually damage it permanently. iOS 13 has incorporated new features to help alleviate this condition, with new battery health features that stop charging when it hits 80%, to charge the last 20% just before we go again. use our iPhone. .

However, this function is only really effective when following a routine, since the iPhone learns from our habits to know when to stop charging the terminal. If our loading routines are not always the same, we will not be able to benefit from this advantage.

Fortunately, @Aniosgamer, a user of the iOS automation platform RoutineHub, has come to the rescue of anyone who doesnt have a load routine, which has created a shortcut that allows you to set an alarm to notify us when our terminal has reached 100% charge once we plug it into the power supply.

The shortcut, called Battery Full Alert (charged battery alert in Spanish), warns with an alarm when the battery has reached 100%, being able to disconnect the terminal at that time avoiding exposing the iPhone to voltages unnecessary. Do you want to know how to add, configure and use this shortcut? Read on and well tell you everything.

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How to add the «Battery Full Alert» shortcut to your shortcut library

As we said, the shortcut is available for download on the RoutineHub platform, from where we can download it, and where in case of updates on the shortcut we can go to update to the latest version. You can download it from the following link:

Download the full battery alert from RoutineHub

The easiest way is to access the link above via your iPhone so that once we click on Get Shortcut it will be downloaded to our terminal and will automatically ask us to install it. The steps are as follows:

  • 1 series We open the link from the iPhone.
  • 2e Click on Get a shortcut on the RoutineHub page to download it to our device.
  • 3e Once downloaded, it will automatically open in the Shortcuts app, where well scroll to the end of the shortcut and click Add unreliable shortcut.

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Once we have completed these steps to have the shortcut on our iPhone its time to configure it.

This is how the «Battery Full Alert» shortcut is configured

Once the shortcut is installed, we need to configure it to notify us when our battery reaches 100%. For that, proceed as following:

  • 1 series Open the app Shortcuts, you will see that the new Battery Full Alert shortcut has been positioned first.
  • 2e With the shortcut located, click on the three dots inside a circle () that you will find on the shortcut tile, in the upper right corner. This will take us to the shortcut steps.
  • 3e Scroll down until you find a section that says The clock and where are you going to put Allow access. Click «Allow Access» to allow the shortcut to use the iPhone clock.

Alternatively, we can also give permissions to the shortcut on the clock by tapping on the shortcut tile, in the Shortcuts app. A context menu will open, where we will have to press Details. In «Details» at the bottom we will see the option Allow full battery alert to access the clock, there we have to drag the toogle to give it permission.

Shortcut operation

Once all these steps are done, well just have to activate it. To do this, from the same Shortcuts application or from the shortcuts widget, click directly on it when we connect our iPhone to the current.

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A drop-down menu will ask us if we want to start the widget (Start), if we want to know more (About) or if we want to contact the developer (Contact), click on «Start» to start.

With the shortcut active, we just have to let the iPhone charge until it reaches 100%. Upon successful completion, after 1.5 minutes an alarm will sound indicating that the device can now be unplugged. This shortcut works by setting alarms every time we activate it, therefore, after use, a new alarm will appear in the alarms section of the Clock app. Sometimes we recommend that you remove them to avoid accumulating more.

If you get used to using this shortcut, your iPhone battery will thank you for a longer lifespan on your device.

Source : Techradar

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