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At Tekmonk, we provide comprehensive programming training to help you build a solid technology foundation for high income in the future.

With a team of young, enthusiastic and experienced lecturers, a personalized teaching system, Smartlab Tekmonk’s teaching method commits that every student who finishes the course can make their own software products. . For high school students and above, you have the opportunity to work at companies of Hanoitelecom corporation and partners with attractive income.

What would your child do without programming and technology skills?

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed people’s lives from the way we communicate, study, shop, travel, seek medical care… Everything has moved from in-person to online as a way. to deal with the epidemic.

Children today from a young age have been exposed to electronic devices such as smartphones, cleaning robots, smart washing machines, smart speakers, and laptops. Problems with children began to appear such as watching too much youtube, playing games too much… that we cannot ban children from using phones and laptops completely because they are a part of modern life.

The epidemic has accelerated the development and application of technology in many fields, robots are used more for simple jobs in harsh environments. In the not too distant future, the digital transformation in businesses and the application of robots and automation to increase labor productivity will take away millions of jobs in many fields from production, business, medicine. Health, education, services… Your child could be one of them.

What can children learn to code at Tekmonk?

Why should parents choose Tekmonk Institute of Technology?

Comprehensive learning path

Built from basic to advanced, personalized according to your child's abilities and interests

Vivid lectures

Tekmonk's lectures are designed to be lively and intuitive, making it easy for children to access programming

Enthusiastic teaching staff

Experienced, ready to spread fire, support, and guide children in the field of technology

Companion to choose life

During the process of studying, studying abroad and working for children to develop to the fullest!​

Featured Courses

Chị Trang Trịnh

Mrs. Trang Trinh,

Duc Nam's mother, a 10-year-old student who won the third reward of the Tekmonk Map Designing Contest

"He participated in Tekmonk Map Designing Contest while he was still a little bit sick", she said, "I told him to take a rest but he insisted to go. To be honest, I have no idea about programming but I am happy to see my son spends 2 hours every week studying passionately, asking questions constantly, and getting enthusiastic support from his teachers.


Mrs. Hoang Linh,

Bao Minh's mother, a 12-year-old student

"I was quite hestitant when a friend introduced me a Programming class for middle school children because this is a brand new subject. After getting advice from TekMonk consultants, my son gave it a try then he fell in love with it. He is about to take the City-level competition for Informatics. The facilities at TekMonk are very modern, the lecturers are enthusiastic."


Mr. Tuan Phong,

Tuan Tung's father, a 15-year-old student

"I put my trust in TekMonk and send my son to study here. I was afraid that he would get lost in game or use the computer for other purposes rather than study but he is very self-disciplined. He seems really passionate about this subject. Our family does not force him to study anything but lets him experience himself to discover his passion. Everything he has learned in TekMonk will be a guiding light for him in the future."

What does the Media say about TekMonk?

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